The Everest Peace Project
50th Anniversary for Peace Climb
Spring 2005
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The Everest Peace Project

Introduction to the institution

Nepal is a developing country and many of development works have only been limited to the urban area. As most of the people live in the remote hilly and the mountainous regions, they are deprived of modern facilities and development works. Because of unfair distribution of wealth and unbalanced development, there are thousands of villages in Nepal, which have not had basic amenities like schools and hospitals. This institution, The Everest Peace Project (Govt. of Nepal Regd. No. 110/060/61, SWFC No. 15164/060/61) has been established as a non-profit and non-government organization. 'The Everest Peace Project' aims at helping the people of Nepalese villagers to mobilized the local resources and to have the support from outside.

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