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50th Anniversary for Peace Climb
Spring 2005
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Everest Climb for Peace, Spring 2005


On May 29, 1953 Edmund Hillary, a New Zealand beekeeper, and Tenzing Norgay, an acclaimed Sherpa climber, became the first to reach the roof of the world. To celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their achievement, the government of Nepal organised various programmes in Nepal in 2003 marking it as glorious day in the human civilization. A large number of famed mountaineers, mountain enthusiasts and media people converged in Nepal on May 29, 2003 to be a part of this extravaganza. A huge media coverage of this unique event made a positive impact on Nepalese tourism. It encouraged the adventure-loving tourists to make their visit to Nepal. As a matter of fact that peace and harmony are the main key to progress society, Everest Peace Campaign has been formed. Considering political instability, religious violence, restlessness and decreasing economic condition in many Asian countries including Nepal, the Everest Peace Campaign has proposed the programme to climb the Everest with various religious groups in the Spring 2005. The climbers under this programme, will not participate individually but in a group with a single ideology of the international brotherhood, religious tolerance and peace for all under a single banner-Everest Peace Campaign. The climbers from all religious groups can take their part in the climb. Upon ascending on the top of Everest, a combined flag of all religious groups will be hoisted.

Nepal is the only Hindu kingdom in the world having the birthplace of the Lord Buddha- an apostle of peace and non-violence and has never experienced religious violence throughout its history though there are Muslim and Christian populations in the different part of the country.

The world famous Nepali climber Mr. Kaji Sherpa has taken responsibility to lead the Everest Peace Campaign. Since this is a very unique event of its kind, all native and foreign organizations, associations and special persons are requested to have a part of it. However, the interested participants have to manage their expense themselves for the climbing.

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