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50th Anniversary for Peace Climb
Spring 2005
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  1. To conduct various programmes coordinating with government and non-government agencies by the scientific study and research for all round development of villages situated in the remote hilly and mountainous region.

  2. To conduct the seminar, workshop and other special programmes in national and international level with regard to the development of tourism, sanitation and village development.

  3. To conduct the various programmes related with the activities to be performed for promoting public awareness about the eco-tourism, education, sanitation and health.

  4. To conduct various programme for the upliftment of woman, old, children and helpless.

  5. To conduct the various programmes to manage economic and technical support for the poverty alleviation.

  6. To encourage the religious tolerance, peace and stability by spreading the message that goal of all religions is same without interfering their belief and tradition.

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